Website Design – User Experience

The Importance of Website Design and User Experience

Since the world has become digitalized it is very important that those who are searching online have a great user experience.  Whether users are searching online for clothes, services or information the importance of website design and user experience must be a top priority for any business looking to drive traffic to their site.  What is the meaning of a good online user experience (UX)? This means that website designs should be such that the user finds what they are looking for with ease of navigation.

Don’t Lose Your Customers to the Competition! 

Any user who cannot find what they are looking for on your website will undoubtedly be lost to the competition.  If they are looking for a ‘Buy’ or ‘Register’ button it should be easily visible. If a user cannot locate them with ease then they will make their purchase elsewhere.  If a user has a bad experience on your website they are less likely to return, so your website design needs to be attractive, user friendly and functional.  

Life has become fast paced and more people use their mobile phones rather than their laptops to access websites.  After all, most people need to make purchases or find information while they’re on the go.  This means that the web design needs to be responsive so that it can adapt equally on both platforms. Any website that is attractive and designed for easy navigation is likely to offer a good user experience.

Website content plays a key role in user experience. Whether it is written content, graphics, images, videos, infographics etc. it must be informative and of sufficient quality so as to add value for the user. If your website has content then it should be easily searchable. Information on websites must be placed in such a way that it is easy to find and absorb. The search field should be prominent and should allow the user to be directed to pages that they are searching for and information must be relevant.

Today online visitors are impatient and if you have a poor website design and user experience is negative your potential customer or client will jump from website to website in search of one that is eye catching and user friendly.  For mobile users this is especially true, so trimming excess content and optimizing your site is most important so that loading time is minimized and the quality of the user experience is increased.

A website that is optimized for user experience will be tailored to meet the needs of the users in the target market. If you have an audience in mind make sure the website design appeals to that audience both in aesthetics and usability.  A website designed to make operations easy and one that offers a benefit to the user is likely to have more visitors from the targeted audience.

If you have an e-commerce site or a website that sells a service then it is important that the call-to-action buttons are noticeable in seconds. Users must know if they are going to sign up for free or if are they going to get a free gift. Whatever the call to action it must be clearly visible and must be seen within 3 seconds. Remember if users cannot find what they are looking for they will view the website as confusing and frustrating and they will move on to a website that provides transparency and ease of navigation